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From: fernandobuddy2002globo.com
Subject: Family TiesMy previous experiences with my best friend's father contributed to show me
that people aren't always what they show us, that is, it's not because
you're married that you don't do sex with other people. Even straight men
can have sex with other men, without young lolita preteen models being labeled names. I know that my
best friend's father is not gay. We had sex because it was something
different for him, and maybe he was kind of short of sex with his wife. The
truth is that after our 3 sessions of sex we had no more. Maybe he
straightened out things with his wife or maybe he found somebody else, but
we never touched ourselves again. But from this day on I started to look at
men differently, even my father began to be a target to my eyes. But,
although my father and I have had a sexual affair, this story now is
related to an uncle of mine.Since I no longer was having sex with my best newstar lola young modell friend's father, I decided to
look for it somewhere else. I live in Brazil, a country where family means
'being together', sharing everything, living nearby, without breaking the
family ties so often seen in other cultures. And my family was a big one!
And since we lived in a small city it was common for everybody to be in
touch with everybody everyday. In my house it was only my dad, my mom and
me, but there were a bunch of uncles and ants and friends living on the
same street and so we were always bumping into each other. Among my 7
uncles, three of them were married and with children, two were away in
college and the other two (one a widow and the other a confirmed bachelor)
lived just across the street. They were the oldest ones of the bunch, 47
and 50 y/o and decided to live fotos de lolitas preteen
together after the death of my ant in order
to save money and also because I think my uncle didn't want to live all by
himself, when his 2 daughters got married not so long ago.I loved all my uncles and I knew I was loved by all of them, but these two
ones lived just across the street, so it was natural for me to spend more
time with them. Not one single day passed by without them coming to my
house or I going to theirs. And as I said before, from this day on I
started to pay more attention to them as men. Until then, they were only my
uncles with whom I played games, went fishing, and even slept over once in
a underage nymphet lolita videos while. They treated me like their son nn loli petite com and being only twelve y/o they
would often hug me and make me sit on their laps and tickle me 'till I
almost peed in my shorts. I always loved to be hugged by them, but now it
wasn't just a child's game anymore. The next time my bachelor uncle put me
on his lap and started to poke me with his fingers I was too conscious of
his strong body embracing mine; too conscious of his manhood under my buns
and my little penis sprung to life almost immediately. I decided to take
advantage of the situation and wrapped my arms around his neck and wiggled,
pressing down my butt on his crotch.Maybe before I felt his cock getting hard when we played, but I never paid
attention, but now I could definitely say that he had boner. He stopped
tickling me but I kept holding on to him, pressing my butt against his
crotch and feeling his heart beating faster. Maybe because I was hungry for
sex I acted first. I reached down and grabbed his cock and squeezed underage sex lolita illegal it
lightly. He looked at me in surprise and I started to get up, unsure of
what to do next since I thought he would be mad at me. He seemed to
reconsider and brought me closer to him, hugging me tight and then
whispered in my ear: "Do you like to feel my hard cock poking your bun?"
His voice was hoarse. "Yes, uncle, I do. Can I take my clothes off?" I
asked. "What?" He seemed to be adjusting to the idea of his nephew enjoying
the feeling of his cock tugging at him that to imagine him actually naked
was beyond grasping, confusing. I repeated the question, only changing it a
bit. "Can we take our clothes off so we can feel each other better?" He
looked around and then back at me. "Have you ever done this before? I mean,
I didn't know you liked this kind of thing. Have you ever seen a grown
man's dick before?" And he added right away without waiting for an answer:
"Do your parents know about this?" "No." "No, what?" "No, they don't know I
like men, turk teen lolita toplist but yes, I've seen a grown man's cock before. I even played with
it, and if you want I can play with yours too. Let's take our clothes off
and I'll show you." He relaxed a bit and maybe because he hadn't had sex
recently he was just about to burst with desire. I could tell by the way
his cock was twitching beneath me. I reached inside his opened shirt and
caressed his chest. He moaned a little and I pressed down again. I
unbuttoned his shirt and he tossed it away. I licked his nipples and
started trailing down his hairy belly.He was a big man and I loved his scent. I left his lap and he unzipped his
pants as I got rid of all my clothes. Now he was totally naked and I could
marvel on the sight of his uncut cock pointing up. He had a big and
beautiful cock. It was fat from the tip to the base and two large and hairy
balls hung down, resting on the couch. Once again I sat on his lap, only
now his cock was lodged in my crack. He hissed between closed teeth when he
felt his organ being massaged by a soft butt. I clung to him and kept
moving up and down, making his pole slide easily with his precum preparing
the way. "Fernando, we've gotta stop this. This is not right, I'm your
uncle and you're just a little boy." He said this but I could see that he
didn't want me to stop. "Please uncle, it's so good! Don't worry I won't
tell anybody, please!" I said eagerly feeling his dick rub my ass hole. I
wanted it inside me. "Do you promise don't tell anybody?" "I do, uncle, I
do!" With that settled he relaxed and began enjoying the sensations I was
provoking. Once more I started licking him until I reached his cock. I took
it in my mouth and swallowed the pink flared head. When I sucked it he
gasped. His hand found my head and he caressed me absentmindedly, his eyes
were closed and he was trembling a little. "Gosh, kid, where did you learn
to do that? Stop it or I'm gonna cum in your mouth." "Do you wanna cum in
my mouth, uncle?" "Would you let me?..." He was so surprised of me sucking
his dick that 100 lolita top links maybe he thought that was all. When he grasped that he was
not talking to an innocent child, that he was not violating that child, on
the contrary, the child was taking advantage oh him, his behavior
changed. I met his gaze with mischievous eyes and kept sucking him like a
lollipop. "I see...you really like this don't you? You wanted this all
along, right?" He spread his legs wider and gave me access to his gorgeous
and fat cock. "Here, baby, suck it all. Feast on it! Swallow your uncle's
old cock, I'll make you drink a lot of milk 'cause it's been a while since
I last milked it." His words set me on fire. The fact that he was horny and
ready to fill my mouth with his spunk of maybe a month or two turned me
really on. I couldn't take all of his cock, but I managed to do a good
job. I bobbed my head up and down, licked his balls, and then sucked his
cock salivating it abundantly. My uncle was almost there I knew it! And I
intended to make him cum down deep in my throat. "Oh, baby, I can't stand
it anymore. I'm gonna cum in a moment, keep sucking my cock, baby, yeah,
gosh, I'm gonna cum in your mouth baby, get ready, get ready, here it
comes...yeahhhhhhhhhhh." When he started saying these words I knew I would
soon be rewarded. I kept sucking and when he was just about to spurt I
swallowed his pole. He grabbed my head and pushed it down gently, but firm,
on his cock and I felt his big bottle start to feed me. I don't know how
many jets, but it was plenty. My mouth was completely coated in his creamy
semen. While he was emptying his balls in my mouth his body was shaking
uncontrollably, his belly heaving up and down and groans filled my ears.After I swallowed all his cum I cleaned his cock off 'till he collapsed on
the couch. "Jesus, son, I never thought you could do such a thing like
this. I...that was great!" I was flattered but also hot, so I grabbed my
cock and in two or three strokes I came without cum. My body shook and kept
holding my uncle's cock. When I nn loli petite com
was OK I sat on my uncle's lap again and he
embraced me tenderly and placed a light kiss on my forehead. "Jesus, kid, I
don't know what to think. I never thought about doing this with a man, let
alone with a child. But I loved it!" "Can we do it again later?" I asked.
"I don't know, my mind is still confused. Do you want to do it again?"
"Yeah, but I don't want just to suck you, I want you to fuck me too." He
looked at me for a moment, not really believing what he heard. "Have you
done this before, too?" I nodded my head yes. "Jesus, son, I can't believe
it. Have you taken a grown man's dick up your ass before? Is that what
you're saying?" "Yes, uncle, I have, and I want you to fuck me like I was
before. I want you to fuck me 'till you cum with your cock plunged deep in
my ass." He was silent a moment, then closed his arms around me again and
brought me close to him. I could hear his heart still pounding hard. "I
don't know what to say. I don't think I could do that to you since you're a
boy and my nephew to make matters worse. Right now all I know is that you
gave a very good time. You better go home now, but, promise me, don't ever
tell anybody what happened here today, you got it?" "I got it, uncle,
don't worry." "Ok, now go kid, we'll talk about this later." I left his
house and went home. At twelve I already knew that I should give him some
time so he could come to terms with the fact that he, too, wanted to fuck
me. and I was right......want some more?...email me, please.
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